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Grammy-Nominated, Juno Award Winning,

Pianist and Composer

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 Children's Corner

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Lulaworld Records is proud to present Children’s Corner, the debut full-length album by the Danae Olano Trio, a collection comprising nine Latin jazz tracks that capture the artist's first venture as a bandleader.


This remarkable first release represents the culmination of Olano’s artistic evolution since relocating from Havana to the multicultural city of Toronto in 2016.


From "This City," a track inspired by a stroll through busy downtown Toronto streets, to compositions such as “ Danzon Para la Abuela” and ”Step in” that accentuate the fusion of jazz with Olano’s Cuban heritage, Children’s Corner is rooted in the legacy of Cuba's esteemed piano masters such as Chucho Valdez, Ruben Gonzalez and Gonzalo Rubalcaba and enriched with Afro-Cuban rhythms and Olano’s unique approach.

Listen to my debut album here!

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